Rich in polymer technology, low-cost natural gas and NGL’s, an experienced workforce, recognized companies, close proximity to over 70% of polymer manufacturing in the U.S. and an unsurpassed quality of living.


Welcome to the Polymer Alliance Zone of West Virginia. We are located in one of the most dynamic regions in the country for polymer and chemical production with a highly trained and experienced workforce. There are few other places in the world, if any, where the feedstock supply and the end users for polymers are all in very close proximity. Home to some of the world’s most recognized and respected companies including Braskem, Linde, Kuraray, Chemours, Dupont, and Dow, to name a few, we invite you to learn about the opportunities of conducting business in the Polymer Alliance Zone.

Energy. Proximity. SuccesS.

The Polymer Alliance Zone of West Virginia has one of the highest concentrations of specialty and engineering polymers production in the United States. The Polymer Alliance Zone of West Virginia has access to the lowest natural gas prices in the developed world from the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations. In addition, the seven West Virginia counties comprising the Polymer Alliance Zone are within 700 miles of more than two-thirds of the nation’s domestic market for polyethylene and polypropylene production.

An abundant supply of low-cost natural gas and NGL’s combined with proximity to markets translates into enhanced profit potential for polymer companies operating in the Polymer Alliance Zone. In fact, IHS Markit, an internationally recognized consulting firm, recently illustrated a petrochemical complex built in the Shale Crescent USA Region (WV, OH, and PA) would realize a Net Present Value four times higher than a similar investment in the Gulf Coast.


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A premier location with an abundance of low-cost natural gas and NGLs.


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