Advantages - Workforce Availability

The major advantage to doing business in West Virginia is working with our people -- proficient, dedicated and committed to their work. West Virginians' work ethic equates to low absenteeism, low turnover and job loyalty. An employer will be assured excellent management-employee relations, high productivity and a dedication to quality.

It is important to the people of the state and to businesses that West Virginia achieve and maintain a competitive edge. Therefore, West Virginia has made substantial investments in education and training.

PAZ Labor Supply: (35-mile commuting area)

Area 3-county Polymer Alliance Zone, Inc® 35-mile commuting area around PAZ Total Polymer Alliance Zone, Inc® labor supply
Plastics workers 4,347 6,097 10,444
Machine operators and tenders 7,963 3,229 11,192
Fabricators and assemblers 2,844 1,382 4,186
Production supervisors 2.044 740 2784
Freight, stock, and materials handlers 3,290 1,262 4,552
Inspectors, testers, and graders 127 42 169
Mechanics and repairers 8,416 2,801 1,217